Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Things are looking up

Going through other blogs and reading them. I'm always interested in other people's way of thinking and life. But what I really wanna know is how do they get so many 'followers'? Are their lives and postings so much more interesting than mine? Am I that boring? Or bad? Just wondering. Yesterday did nothing much, but I DID DO CARDIO. It's a start. Tried to take Munky for a walk afterwards but it kept raining, AND,....I kept seeing roaches,....and that scares me more than just about anything,......I'm phobic about them. I HATE those damn, disgusting, gross things. Phobic I tell ya. (The only thing I don't feel bad about killing. Happily.) Anyways~today I'm suppose to make some phone calls, and really that's all thats on my agenda,...Munky is napping in the tent I made on our bed, and my hubby is thinking of going in with her. :) Read the paper today, and saw that someone we used to be neighbors with was in an article; and not for a good reason. He stole a boat, and when he was pulled over for it, he claimed it was his,(which it wasn't,) and then he said he was the actor Sam Elliot, and he was going to Key West to do a part in a film there. REALLY? If you saw this man, you'd die laughing. Does he really think he looks anything like S.Elliot? And why steal ANYTHING? Just sad,...I guess tough times really are making people batty. I feel bad for him,....but it's still no excuse. Oh~ who knows what's going on in his life that made him do something so strange,....who really knows. I miss my mom and sister, and all the animals there. My sister called me twice yesterday saying how all the animals were moping around looking for me. I miss them too. Joey,-their big moon-faced white gray spotted kitteh with big green eyes,....Silver,- their little gray, long-haired,green eyed, sweet, delicate kitteh, Nitro,- all black, sleek, very athletic beautiful girl, Chippy, the little rat-terrier,(he's beautiful and very sweet little guy,) Lacey-, part Siamese, part Bengal, gorgeous blue eyes, she looks cross-eyed, but she is gorgeous, and the sweetest little personality, she is a little lover,....and then there is Ginger, Sassy, and Teddy, the inside/outside doggies. And they have two hens, and a rooster named Pecky. It's pure heaven to me, there is always someone wanting/loving attention, and that keeps me calm, happy, and in a good mood. That much I realize. I came home with a new outlook somewhat. I guess I just realize how good things can be if I want them to. Like I keep telling myself, one can change me, but me. I have to make those changes, and make it work, if I want to get back to how things used to be somehow. Our legalities are finally over,(altho I'm still waiting for that last confirmation letter stating that,) and we can finally move on to the next chapter of our lives, whatever that may be. (And I wish it was moving north to be closer to my family.) I have to remember; one step at a time.

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Mama Bear said...

Such a handsome kitty in your blog header - he reminds me of my friend's kitty who is just the sweetest little black and white furball of love!