Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Short news

Still in that numb mode. Got some things accomplished tho for my mom. She has her good moments and bad. She cries a lot when people call to send their condolences. Very hard on her. She's had SO MANY calls, her cell never stops ringing. My sister and I are trying to get so much settled and done up here while we can. We have already found so many condos/homes for her to decide on. We have a realtor meeting with us tomorrow to actually look at a few places. So we will see. I think she is going thru the motions, but won't really grieve until she is settled and alone. That's when it will sink in. I mean my sister and her husband and my niece, plus one of my brothers all will live within 15 to 40 minutes from her. She will have family around, trust me. And on the good side, was officially my last day of probation. 18 months! Good god, it's finally over. That's the good news, and I'm glad there is some for once. I miss my husband, and kittehs. I miss them so much, but I know I need to be here for my mom, and that's all that matters right now.

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