Friday, August 26, 2011

Shopping and crying alot

Got a lot of things done today. My mom is now a renter at a very nice condo that we found and she happens to have a friend who lives there that was the lady who actually introduced my mom and dad, and got them to go out together. Who knew? Small world,- isn't it? She's still getting many, many phone calls every day from people sending their condolences. She cries a lot. I know that's to be expected, but it rips my heart out every single phone call I hear. (My sister keeps telling me that it's all part of the closure she needs. I don't know. I guess so. I cry too, when I hear her crying tho.) Sooooo~ my niece and I took my mom to the mall to get her a dress for my other niece's wedding this September up in GA.,(which I've finally decided I'm definitely NOT going to.) She tried on a bunch, and found one, but it didn't fit quite right, so we will keep looking. Went and got pizza, and my brother S. came over, and we all had dinner together. It was very nice,....I miss times like that. I LOVE times like that. I want to try to get my husband to move up here. It would be so great if we could. It would be the closest I'd ever get to having my whole family living close by. I would absolutely LOVE it. I love that feeling around the holidays, having everyone together, and knowing they are close by. I love that so much. The only time it was like that was when my father was alive. So, like I said, I am going to try to get my hubby to at least think about moving up here. We'll have to see, I guess. We stopped by CVS, and I found this perfume by Shakira, and I SOOOO LOVED it, so I bought it. I needed something to make me feel better. Anything to cheer me up. You know me, helps for a little while,....just a little. And going shopping tomorrow with my niece at all the thrift/consignment stores here. They are in abundance up here. I love it. I'll keep ya posted, and show you any loot that comes into my possession!

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