Thursday, August 11, 2011

My little opinions

I'm going to do something different and tell you some of my favorite things, since we all were talking about it where I work. It's fun to me to hear the difference in what makes people happy,(and what doesn't. Maybe I should have been a sociologist like my sister-in-law.) So here goes:

napping and sleeping,
rainy days,
Jamey Johnson and country music,
cowboy hats and boots,
red hair,
coffee any way possible,hot,cold, frozen,
high heels,
eBay, and any shopping,
goatees and glasses on men,
gray hair and blue eyes,
ANYTHING Canada/Canadian,
Krispy Kreme doughnuts,
chocolate bacon bars,(from WholeFoods)
staying in hotel/motels,
family reunions,
Barbara Streisand anything,
ALL animals,(goes without saying really,...)
kitteh purrs,
and last but not least,
french language books, cds, anything!

Things I'm NOT FOND OF:

crude/foul language,(no cussing)
meat cooked well done,
mushrooms,(even the smell when they cook,)
mayo,sour cream, cream cheese, any cheese,
yogurt, and creamed anything,
unsupervised kids,
stitches, staples, and needles,
roaches, palmetto bugs,(I'm phobic about them,)
loud car radios,
cops,judges,lawyers, ins.companies,
doctors, surgeons,banks, and hospitals.
Oh, and Jersey Shore anything,-especially that Snooki thing.

That covers some of the stuff,...I'd rather think of the stuff I love,...I start thinking of the stuff I DON'T like and I go off on tangents. I get all fired-up and my husband has to calm me down. So yea,...this is just my opinions,.....

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