Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Almost there,....

It's Tuesday nite, and it's been a long, but mostly fun day thanks to my husband. Started the day with going to probation,....it's my second to last time going,(THANK YOU GOD.) Came home and took a llloooonnnggg nap with Munky. Got up and watched some news on TV,....feel asleep again while my husband napped with Munky. :) We both finally got up and went and walked around Sam's Club, and looked at everything; from Ipads, to jewelry, to cookbooks. It was nice, fun and relaxing. We genuinely had fun being silly, and looking at everything. We went and ate some Nathans hotdogs, and then got up and walked around some more. Ended up buying some king-size,Tempurpedic pillows, and some steak, and left. It's fun when we do stuff like that to me. We hardly ever do anything anymore, but when we do, we have lotsa fun, and laugh and giggle like little kids. Came home, and watched Zombieland for the gazillionth time. We love that movie. Munky and Stripe are outside fed and happy meowing at each other and being cute together. I really keep telling my husband that we should get another kitteh so Munky can have a playmate. She always tries to play with Sugar, and alotta times he just wants to eat and relax, but occasionally he will play with her, and they have a ton of fun. It's so adorable when they play. They play tag, and run from room to room, it's very entertaining to watch, and I do, - believe me. So yeah, it would be fun to have another kitteh for her to hang with and befriend. We'll see I guess. Getting ready for another week of work, and then I'm going down to Key Largo to pick-up my mom, and take her to my sister's house in Fort Pierce, and we will both stay there, and we will look for houses for her to buy or rent up there. I just want her to be comfortable and happy, and settled. I know she's not very happy, but she will be relieved when she gets settled. I'm kinda looking forward to seeing and staying at my sister's house with my mom. I know it's not the ideal situation, but I plan on making it as fun as possible for everyone, regardless. Why be depressing? We all already are, why make it worse,-right?

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