Tuesday, August 16, 2011

More ranting

I am OFF from work the next two days, and I couldn't be happier. Next week I will be leaving for my mom's and then bringing her up to my sister's house. I know it will be very hard for my mom leaving. I don't look forward to that part, but the part where we go and stay at my sister's,...THAT I'm looking forward to. I know it still won't be the best situation, but it will be somewhat fun, and the most important part will be that my mom won't be alone. She will have family around to lean on, and keep her busy. Tomorrow my husband and I go to a new doctor about our shoulder(s). I'm actually looking forward to finding out what the heck could be wrong with my shoulder,....I need some sorta relief, something, anything. Other than that, nothing else really new and exciting. The weather here has been dark and stormy everyday for about two weeks. I love it. Nothing I love more than being home when it rains, and getting under the covers with the kittehs, and watching TV or playing with them to take their mind off of being scared of the noise. (Altho Munky isn't scared of thunder, but Sugar definitely is. My lil babies.) Soooo,.......keeping up with the news, and all things techie. I think I've finally decided to get a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet instead of an Ipad2. I've read and talked with so many 'computer' people, and all have said that the S.G. is the better thing to get for your money right now. The only thing I'm not thrilled with is that it doesn't support Skype, and I definitely want that for my mom and I. I'll have to look into it, and figure something out. I might even get a S.G. cellphone. I'm thinking tho still. I have to wait before I do this til my contract runs out with AT&T first. THEN, I'll be on it in a flash. Anywho,.......I'm still reeling from Sunday night's 'Breaking Bad',...and the news that the next season will be it's last. NOT HAPPY. I guess they want to go out on a high note being that ratings are the highest it's ever been, and viewers are glued to the show, and they are making critics very happy, so yeah, I guess going out a winner in all ways has alot to be said for it. I guess I'm greedy and I want it to go on for more time, that's all. I really connect with Jesse Pinkman on the show. I know that guy, my husband and I have been friends with people like him, and I wanna protect him/them and tell them it will all be okay,....but I'm not so sure,(just like in the show.) I'm very protective of people I'm friends with and like,...and don't get me started with the kittehs,....they are my children, and I would do ANYTHING to protect my lil babies. My husband calls me mama bear sometimes because of how I am. I read the paper and the horrible things that people do to kids and animals, and I'm repulsed. I can't even imagine those things, I would end up in prison if I caught someone doing something to ANY animal/kid like I read about. I would. I've already almost punched an irate, elderly man for almost running over a mother duck and her babies one day on my way to work. If I hadn't pulled my car over into his opposite lane, and blocked him(because I saw that he looked like he wasn't going to stop,) he would have ran them over. He got out of his car yelling at me, and I got out and grabbed him by the collar and told him to get the f away from me and the ducks, and he could go around the block the other way, cause I wasn't moving my car. He cussed and yelled at me some more,and said 'it's ONLY ducks, they are everywhere', and finally backed up and went another way to wherever the piss he was going. I was so close to punching him in the face, and I never thought I could be like that. I shouldn't have even put my hands on him truthfully, and I know that, but the thought of what he would've done is disgusting and inexcusable, and I probably would've beaten him severely,....man or no man, my adrenaline was too much and I just didn't care about anything but keeping those ducks safe. Yeah,....I was an hour late for work, and when I got there I broke down and cried. Called my husband, he calmed me down,...but still. I was so upset of what could've been, it makes me sick. People make me sick, and what they do. I have to go now and calm myself,...I get too fired up over this stuff. I need to just be alone with the kittehs to make it all go away, and make it all right again. Sorry to go off like that.

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