Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ball O fun

Working today from 4-11pm, and ALLLLLLLL day tomorrow. ICK. Don't ya ever wonder if it's worth it? Don't ya feel like you're on a hamster wheel going nowhere? *sigh* Oh well. Another week, and I'm off to help my mom, a way I'm looking forward to seeing her, but not like this. And I'm hoping I get to a chiropractor before I go up to my sisters. It seems the longer you spend time with someone, you become mirror images, and therefore, when they hurt, you hurt, and for some reason, I have had the worst shoulder pain you can imagine. Now my husband has no cartilage in his right shoulder, and we have been trying to figure out ways to lessen his pain, and doctors to go to. This has been going on for years,...yes, he's gotten an MRI, and yes, it's legitimately bone on bone, but we both agree that he shouldn't get a replacement surgery. Meanwhile with all this going on, I now have my right shoulder in pain, and can't figure out why. I don't sleep on it,......I just dunno'. I'm just in alotta pain, and it's making me cranky and always in a bad mood. (I can't imagine how my husband does it, always in pain, and dealing with it.) So, that's another thing to add to our list of things that have to get done. This Tuesday I have to go to probation, and it's the second to the last time I will have to go, and I will be done with it. Done. I can't wait. I'm telling ya,.....I won't know how to be,.....sounds crazy I know, but true. I can't think about it til it's done. Soooo,....that's all the fun in my life right now. Just a ball 'o fun we are here. (whoo. hoo. *sarcasm*)

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