Monday, August 29, 2011

I thought I would I miss it, but I don't

It's Monday morning and a lot has been done concerning my mom. She will be moved in and settled in less than two more weeks. So now we just sit and wait at my sister's,- which is extremely comfortable, and a lot of fun. (Thank god.) I go home today, and tomorrow or Weds. I have a dr.'s appt. for my shoulder. And I'm taking the last few days off before work next Monday. Sunday is the funeral, and my husband and I are both going with my mom for that. The final closure she needs and then it will really hit her, and I told my sister this, so I know they will be there to help my mom with that. I would LOVE to move up here and be close to my mom, sister, and brother. That would be pure heaven to me. I'll have to work on my husband with that. Soooo~ I miss my little Munky and Sugar, and my hubby alot. We sat on the phone last night and talked after watching 'Breaking Bad'. He recorded it so we will watch it again tonight together and discuss what we think is going on. I feel like I'm a million miles from home here, and it's not that bad being away. (Not from husband and kittehs, just that area, and house.) I don't miss it at all, and I genuinely thought I would. (Why I don't know.) All the animals here at my sister's is like heaven to me,...she has one rooster and two hens, four dogs, and five cats, and they have a home to die for,'s on an acre and a half over looking the water, and their house is up on stilts, and it's gorgeous,...hard to explain, but it's very big, and comfy, and home-y. All the animals are happy and well kept,(they told me so.) So yes, it's wonderful staying here. That's all the news on the home front here. What an exciting life I lead.

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