Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I think too much

So today my husband and I went to a doctor about our shoulders, and mine was somewhat dislocated, and the muscles were turning it in (forward) and pulling on neck muscles, and cutting off my shoulder muscles and nerves causing pain and numbness, and joint pain, etc. I got some electro-therapy, and adjustments and I have to go back two more times and I should be good as new. Now my husband is a different story. He's going to have to have alot more therapy. ALOT. His pain is more severe, and serious. But the doc said there is some hope, a shoulder replacement is NOT the only option. (Thank goodness.) Good to hear and hope. So today was a productive day at least. I'm making a doctor appt. for an endocrinologist next. I hope I can find out anything more wrong with me. And I know I HAVE to get back to doing some sort of exercise. Anything at all. And I will in time. My probation will be officially over by August 24th, and that's one less thing for me to worry about. Alot less to worry about. What else, what else? The next few days I will be working 12 hour days until Sunday, and then Monday I will go to my mom's. And like I said I'm looking forward to getting to my sister's and getting her settled and looking for places. Take her mind off of 'things'. Stepdad not doing well at all. He barely recognizes my mom everyday when she visits him now. It's heartbreaking. It really is. Why does there have to be so much pain in life? I don't understand it. I want to take it all away from my mom,.....she's been thru so much in her life. (Not that anyone deserves it,....).......well I could think of a few who deserve it. I can think of ALOT who do,......unfortunately.

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