Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Just numb

I'm at my sister's house in Fort Pierce,(FL) and we got here about 10:30pm tonight, and I'm just now settling in. I already miss home, Munky, and my husband. I'm not good away from home. And to make matters worse,.....I woke up this morning to an email on my cell from my mom saying that my stepdad passed away this morning at 2am. Unbelievable. I cried at the drop of a hat all damn day. I cried leaving Munky,....I cried leaving the house my mom shared with him for 15 yrs. , I cried when I drove away from my husband, as he drove home to our house. I've been a blubbering idiot all damn day. I don't have much else to say. I will post some pictures of the home we left in Key Largo, so many good memories. The last time I felt like a little kid anywhere since my dad died was there in Key Largo. Things change,.....but I'm NOT GOOD with change. Not at all. I'll write more tomorrow, when I'm not so muddled and numb. I'll miss you always Red. So will my mom.

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