Monday, August 8, 2011

Little boring life

Okay, I'm off the next two days, and came home from work last night and had my sis-in-law here with my husband, and we watched 'Breaking Bad'. O. M. G. I was crying my eyes out by the end, and I think this season is already almost over. I think there are two more shows left,...which fills me with dread. We than resumed watching the Red Sox beat the Yankees, which made me ecstatic. (Hate the Yankees, right up there with the Detroit Red Wings, - except for Stevie Y.) So, a good nite was had. Munky was busy playing and running around when I got home. She was in and out all night. So cute. She loves to fall asleep in the small screened-in enclosure at our front door. So cute, she just sits there staring out into the grass, and watching whatever comes by,...frogs, lizards, bugs, other kittehs, occasional raccoon. I check on her endlessly, and when she wants in she scratches the door, and I go running to let her in no matter what I'm doing. My little peanut,...we will be taking our walk today after the sun goes down it's so hot. She likes the warm weather, but not this warm. She's napping on our bed right now. (This is here down time.) Sooooo~ my husband just left to get another MRI on his shoulder,.....and we are going to make an appt. with another dr. for both of us next week before I go to my sister's with my mom to get her set-up up there. I have no idea how she will handle it when she really does leave that house. I know it will be very emotional for her, that's why I'm glad I will be with her for support. It will not be fun. I will be with her for the first week, or two, and after that, I will play it by ear. See how she is, what kinda state of mind she's in. I keep remembering when I left the place I lived in when I was split up with my husband, and even tho we were getting back together, it was still very hard and emotional giving-up that place. Alot of things took place there, big changes happened for me, and it held alot of emotional triumphs for me,....very hard to move out, and leave. It was an extremely beautiful, comfortable, home-y kinda place. Everyone loved it that had been there, (my mom, sister, brothers, friends, etc.) Very comfortable, and in a very upscale, quiet, beachfront neighborhood. I really did love it,....for the exception that the condo association there was a true nightmare, being that there was less than 20 units there, they were always in everyone's business.Too much pettiness and jealousy among people too. (So many pros and cons of living in condos, versus a home.) At the time, it was exactly what I wanted and needed. Other than that, other plans for anything on my days off. Next week tho I am going to try to get my husband to take me to the Palm Beach Zoo. They had two or three new tiger cubs born, and I'm dieing to see them. Something fun to do, among the everyday other stuff, ya know? He's dieing to go horseback riding, so I will make plans for that too in the very near future. So I'm off to do some cleaning and run some errands. I'll keep ya posted with my very boring little pathetic life. Ho-hum.

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