Saturday, February 28, 2009

Everyday life.

Well,well,well, up this morning to someone banging on our front door to sell something. Now can you believe the nerve of some people? I mean c'mon now! Barely 10AM, and I know its not the crack of dawn, but still. I got up, and my husband ended up getting up earlier even and went to our neighbors, kid's soccer game. We have so much fun w/ them. It's nice to know that there is still some people in this world that are just normal, and fun, ya know? I mean we don't have kids,(except our kitty,) but we have so much fun at their soccer games. I see the attraction.(I never did really, before.)Besides, I adore these two little girls. I was glad my husband went tho. He needed to get outta the house.(He used to be a P.E. teacher at a private school, but wasn't making enough money, so he took a night job doing security at bars, and thats how we met.)SO~ I have to work today, and I'm still enjoying it. Still can't get used to no time for myself tho. Thats going to take a while,-I have a feeling. I feel like all I do is work and sleep and thats it. Is that how it goes? I can't remember. When I last worked, (bartending) I worked from 6PM to 3AM, so working daytime hours actually seems longer to me now. Does that make sense even? I can't figure it out. Anyhow~Monday, I think, will be the beginning of getting the granite countertops installed. Can't wait! After that we have to start installing closet 'stuff', because right now we have our clothes on the floor, in overnight bags,(garbage bags even!,) and in our one dresser in our bedroom.(My husband has my dresser from when I was kid,-he wanted it, so my mom gave it to him. Cute,huh?) It's NOT fun living like this. Even starting a new job and trying to keep your clothes nice, it just doesn't bode well. (Picking stuff out from garbage bags, overnight bags, and keeping track of everything, is NOT a great way to start out your day.)So closets are next~~~DEFINITELY. Well,...I guess I should get ready to go to work soon. I'll try to get some BEFORE and AFTER pics up this week of the countertops and lack thereof. See ya soon.

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