Friday, February 20, 2009


Well let me tell you about the best night I've had in SOOOO LONG,...and I don't mean like that. Last night I BEGGED my husband to take me to this concert an hour and a half away, and someone he hardly knew. (I know ya'll probably don't like country music,...but I LOVE country music since Kris Kristofferson. I threatened my husband that I would go alone,~so of course he went.) Soooo,.....we went,....and saw Jamey Johnson,...he sings that song called "In Color", that's so popular right now.He started writing songs for George Strait, Trace Atkins, and Joe Nichols. Hit songs too.We saw him at the Martin County Fair in Stuart, Florida, and OMG!, he played for over 2 hours,....he played his heart out,....and what a voice he has, he knocked my socks off! I was so starstruck. Even my husband was VERY IMPRESSED, and NOTHING and NO ONE impresses him,-trust me. Jamey Johnson even stayed and signed autographs, and took pictures w/ everyone who stayed in line waiting. OF COURSE I stood in line,...are you freaking crazy?!,....he is mesmerizing,....he has the clearest, lightest blue eyes I have ever seen on someone,(and they were NOT contacts.) Oooh, he is SO INTENSE looking, and mean-looking, (the look I LOVE.) He shook my hand, signed my CD, and took a picture w/ me, ~genuinely nice~, and handled everyone great,~from grandmas,to little kids, young girls, to young cowboy guys. I was so IN AWE. I took a picture w/ him and I shook so hard when he put his arm around me, he kinda looked over at me, and smiled, and told me to 'calm down' and he actually pulled me in closer to him. OMG, I wanted to die! (You'd think I was a 12-year-old girl seeing the Jonas Bros. or somethin'.) All the way home I was so starry-eyed, my husband just laughed at me. Wow. I can't wait to go see him again,.....I think he is just the cat's meow,...and I mean, MEOOOOOOWWWW. I'll write again about the first day on the new job, another time, and after I'm out of dream-Jamey-Johnson-land. (Big,HEAVY sigh.) Mesmerizing.

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