Saturday, February 21, 2009

I MUST be crazy.

Well, I have had two whole 9 hour days of work, and I am so dead,....mentally tired, physically tired, a little stressed,-even tho I had a great, fun day at work today. I love the new job, and I've picked it all up on the second day. I worked almost all day by myself and only made two mistakes, so I can't complain. (And neither can my managers.) They were extremely happy w/ me today. This job is already a piece of cake. Other than that we STILL don't have a kitchen countertop. Altho my husband talked w/ the fabricator yesterday and today, so maybe Monday,(I'm off the next two days already,) we can get this countertop finalized. (GOOD Lord PLEASE.)We also got the blinds put up in the rest of the house, no open windows. Nice.~~~~~ and can you believe I'm STILL all in dreamland over Jamey Johnson? OMGoodness. I can't wait to see him again. (He was THAT great,~~~besides those looks of his.) La-La-Land I'm in. ANYWHO~in celebratory fashion of being a working woman now, I went on eBay and found an AWESOME deal on a navy Chanel purse and bought it. A little happy-for-me-present. I feel great. Now if I could get more tour dates for that man. I think I'm a little of-the-edge.( And of course I didn't tell my husband about the handbag.) I AM over-the-edge, aren't I? Someone please let me know.

Oh, and tomorrow will be the 'Things I DISLIKE'. Uh-huh, I know your waitin' for that, aren't ya?

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