Sunday, February 22, 2009

Things I Dislike,....

Well, enough about all my un-reality w/ my obsession (now) w/ Jamey Johnson. I'll stop w/ all that,~ I promise you. I shall go on and not mention him anymore. Ummm, here is everything that I dislike: (if you even care.)And don't forget,...this is just MY opinion.

1) Loud, crude language,(ESPECIALLY in front of kids.)

2)Mushrooms, any which way. Even the smell of them when they are cooking,-god they are awful.

3) The whole wearing the pants below your butt thing kids are doing now-a-days. It REALLY bothers me because of how stupid it looks, and it is,....I just REALLY hate it. Makes people look ignorant. (Just my opinion tho.)

4)Speed metal music.

5) Someone driving erratically and irresponsibly.

6) Anyone who hurts or abuses animals, or who even stands by and lets it happen. Oh no,...I would SO BE PUT IN JAIL for beating someone senseless if I EVER witnessed something like that.

7) People who think they are above everyone else.

8) Air-blowers, know, those obnoxiously, LOUD, useless, things that lawn companies use to move debris from one stupid spot to another. Yeah, HATE them,...I think they should be banned,...I'd like to torture whoever invented them.

9) Violent, tortureous (is that spelling right?) TV or movies. (Comes to mind is the movie 'A Clockwork Orange', HATE it, it's disgusting.)

10) People who don't put their weights away in the gym, or spit their gum in the water fountain, or leave sweaty towels on gym equipment, or.....shall I go on? You get what I mean.

11)People who sing to their Ipods out loud in public. (Are you kidding me?-they think they sound good. It's ridiculous.)

12) Traffic jams. Dead stop traffic jams. SO AGGRAVATING.

13)Ex-President Bush,(the son) of a bitch. sorry.

14) Hair on/in clothes, in socks, in sheets, on the floor, (even if it's my own.) It totally grosses me out.

15) Donald Trump, Sarah Silverman, Paris Hilton, Clay Aiken, Lynn Martinez,(local newswoman in Fort Lauderdale,-she's God-awful, and annoying,) Mike Tyson, Star Jones, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, Dominic Hasek,(hockey goalie I despise,) Howard Stern,Charles Barkley, Bill O'Reilly, Sarah Palin, Skip Bayless (on ESPN,) and Michael Vick. I DESPISE these people, they are a disgrace to whatever they represent,....I don't understand why they are famous or well-known. It's pretty sad that these people are so well-liked, it just goes to show where everyone's head is at now-a-days, the toliet.

16) ESPN,...used to be all I watched. Now it might as well be called the NBA/NFL channel. They messed-up a good thing.

17)Smelly cigars.

18) People who don't supervise their children in public. The things I see parents let children do and getaway w/ now-a-days just kills me. I am so apalled,...and it's not the poor kids fault,'s the ridiculously, stupid, mind- numbing parents. Plain ignorance, and laziness. My parents had FIVE of us kids, my grandparents living w/ them, living in a house that was gutted and being renovated while living w/ all us in it, and my father working (literally) THREE jobs, and us kids in public NEVER did anything like what I see now, AND I had a great childhood. We weren't kept under wraps or hidden in a backroom somewhere,...we had FUN. Never did we run around restaurants, tell our parents what to do, throw temper-tantrums, scream, whine, yell at them for something we couldn't have, or ordered surf-n-turf for dinner. Yes, ALL of these things I have personally witnessed out in public. It really makes me wonder about the next few generations,.....Really,........It scares me actually.

19) People who feel entitled.

20) And last but not least,....I'm sure you already can guess,....having to listen to ANYONE talking on their cellphone. I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR YOUR CONVERSATION. Go sit in your car till you are off the phone,...YOU ARE NOT THAT IMPORTANT, TRUST ME ON THIS.

It's not like you are Donald Trump or something.


merelyme said...

Hilarious. I would say I totally agree with most of them but #19 hits a nerve with me! Six and ten too!
Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

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