Saturday, February 7, 2009


Well,...I won't hold back from reality today. I can't. It's hit me full force,....not only do my husband and I have ANOTHER court date on Monday morning,....he might be taken into custody. To top that, sister called me this morning from the hospital where my mom has been in ICU AGAIN,...and told me she has some sort of cancer called Myeloma(?) I will be looking it up on WedMD right after this. My life right now feels like a bad dream. It's surreal. I'm so down, kitty and I sat around the house all day just napping together and watching TV,...neither of us feeling like doing anything. (My husband kept busy washing both our cars, and cleaning the pool.) He's trying. I am so blind-sided,....I'm even waiting for a call about whether or not I get this job I applied for last week. I can't even imagine trying to work w/ my mom in the hospital, and my husband in jail. All I know is I'm hoping against hope that things will be okay,....they have to be,....

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