Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's all about me

Okay,'s 10 HONEST things about me RIGHT NOW;
1) I like living in a house w/ hardly any furniture. (Much easier to keep clean, and not so overwhelming,-which leads me to downsizing when I do move all my clothes,shoes and purses over here finally.) AND all the little do-dads, NO MORE. I want it to be very sparse.
2)I'm sitting in my jammies watching "Bring It On" waiting for my husband to arise, so we can go finalize our granite countertop today. (And wishing I had some cookies or cake to eat for breakfast.)
3) I still DESPISE people talking on cellphones everywhere, and anywhere.(They are NOT that important.)
4) I wish I could eat oreos, and drink Lemon Drop Martinis(from Cheesecake Factory) for dinner every night. No lie.
5)I have been in South Florida for my whole life, and I am NOT thrilled w/ the weather. (I HATE to sweat.)
6) Even tho I really LOVE to sleep,(and be home) I love to be busy all the time, and get things done. I feel like I'm really getting 'stuff' done, ya know?
7) I secretly will be relieved if I DON'T get this job that I have been gunning for. I know that's awful to say,~especially now-a-days,-people would do anything for decent jobs,~but I want to do something I really enjoy, NOT get the job just for the benefits, locality,and to make everyone else happy.(I know how spoiled I sound right now, and I AM SORRY, but I can't help how I really feel.)
8) I secretly wish sometimes I was an NHL hockey 'enforcer'. I'd LOVE to be able to just drop-the-gloves, and go bezerk on someone that deserved it.(My husband finds this very strange. and yeah, I told him.)Altho I'd REALLY LOVE to be a hockey goalie, HANDS DOWN. For years that has been a wish of mine. It just really appeals to me,-don't ask me,-I don't know why!
9) I REALLY would NEVER want to be famous. Absolutely NOT. Does NOT appeal to me one bit. I think it would really push me over the edge,-if you know what I mean. (the sad thing is, I really mean it literally.)
10)And finally,~Things I absolutely LOVE: ALL animals, Canada, butter-tarts, chocolate, shopping, eBay, sleeping/napping, goatees, shoes that make me feel sexy, mani/pedis, blue eyes, cold rainy days, baking cookies or cakes, reading anything by Jen Lancaster, laughing, people-watching, recycling, President Obama, family get-togethers, the beginning of vacations, having something work the way it should, found money, rare steaks, Lemon Drop Martinis from Cheesecake Factory,Jamey Johnson;his music,songs,voice,eyes,-just HIM,someone who makes perfect sense, easy driving directions, free anything, Russell Crowe, my IPod music, writing a blog, AND having someone read/follow it, Patrick Roy, watching ANY kinda hockey, old Barbra Striesand movies, a friend who has friends who can get just about anything you need help w/ done, giggling w/ my sister, watching Friends,Burn Notice or Breaking Bad, great-fitting jeans, P!nk, watching baby animals do anything, learning something new, watching Howie Long on football Sundays Fox show, Ralph Nader, anything and everything Toby Keith sings,does,says, watching Mark McGuire or Ken Caminiti play baseball, sunsets over the water, and late-night food delivery.
***Next blog, I will get into what I dislike. (Bet ya can't wait for that.) And do you even care?


kimmers said...

Oh I am a total animal freak also - if not for the boyfriend I would be the crazy pet lady for sure. We have 2 cats now, I'm constantly begging for a 3rd, and I've finally gotten bf to accept that when we get our house we will be adding a pair of puppies to it. :)Thanks for stopping by my blog! Will be back to see the dislikes!

merelyme said...

LOVE the list. You are is your blog! You can say anything you want!
We have many similarities...the gift of time is beyond the best way to spoil. Congrats on the job (sorry too)! ;)
It is freaking snowing here - hard and fast - major accumulation.
Yea on posting more often! I'll have to check back more regularly.