Thursday, February 12, 2009

Steal My Sunshine? Yeah, right.

Just found this video on YouTube, and forgot how much I ADORED this song,....(I even put it on my Ipod!) Corny, I know, but I need as much upbeat-ness in my life right now as I can get. It's almost 2:30AM, and I'm at my mom's and stepdad's house in Key Largo. I finally got here today to see my mom. She is feeling much better, (and obviously out of the hospital.) I HAD to come see her, killed me to not be w/ her when she was in the hospital,-but my sister came and stayed for a few days, and so did one of my brothers, so,-I guess, she wasn't alone,-but I'm still beating myself up. Anyways, I said, I found this song, and there you go.
I can't sleep tho. Too worried. About everything,.....the house w/ no kitchen countertops,....our legal 'situation', mom's health,....I don't even want to say it,...but I keep thinking how things could be so much worse,....and I know that they sure could be. (I just don't want to jinx myself here.) On the bright side, I was driving here today,...the job that I applied for called and left a message saying that they want to schedule an interview. I'm glad,-I was starting to think I was un-hire-able. I really was getting a complex. I mean, I look at some of the places I applied at, and some of the people working there,-whew!-it was scary that they got a job and I didn't. I mean really. Trust me, I'm not tootin' my own horn here by any means,-but I'll tell ya,....I was damn right pissed-off, and at a loss for words. You should see some of these people,....just the way they dress, I would think they would never get hired in a million years! I mean isn't that a big part of getting a job? First impressions? I mean, c'mon! They look like homeless people some of 'em. I won't name names, but I'm NOT kidding.Oh well. That company sucks anyways,...I just saw on the news that they were laying off 6,000 people, so karma is a bitch now, ain't it? (Boy, I'm full of myself , ain't I?) It just really GOT TO ME,~that's all. I'll rant on to no one some more tomorrow. Still loving this song tho,....

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crazy4danes said...

Hey thanks for stopping by my blog! It is sad having Great Danes die younger, but now that veterinary science is expanding they are living longer and longer. I have a 10 year old and she shows no signs of slowing down! :D I absolutely love the breed and hope one day you can enjoy one too! Glad to meet you! :)