Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This is why I don't drink

So,....I had a few cocktails the other night, (hence the absent blogging,) and somehow, someway, that I cannot for the life of me figure out, I tried to blog, and I instead I SOMEHOW CREATED ANOTHER BLOG. I don't know how. How retarded could I have been? (Don't answer that.) So, the other day, unknown to me, I wrote (supposedly) on here, and ended up writing on THE OTHER BLOG,(called My Faux-Paws.) So strange,....I wish I would've done some cool stuff, like decorating my blog, etc. etc. -you get it,....but NOOOOOOOOOOOO,....created another blog. How aggravating,....I wanted to somehow mesh the two, and couldn't figure out how to get that entry on HERE. If anyone knows how I could do it, PLEASE let me know. Maybe if I had more drinks, I could figure out how to do it and put it back, but I won't risk it. No. Thank. You.(Besides,~I'm out of Tylenol.) Anyways,....still have no kitchen counter, but hopefully tomorrow that will change,....going to look at, and hopefully get going on our granite. I'm so-keeping-my-fingers-crossed,....please let it go smoothly. Also, went on a second job interview this week,~same company,~ and I think I will be hearing from them by tomorrow or Weds. that I'm hired for sure. I'm excited, and I'm dreading it both. I'm so used to having MY time for whatever I want; spending time with my husband, my kitty, and taking off to my mom's whenever she needed me,....I'm so lucky to be able to have had all that time,....to be able to have done whatever I wanted for the last three years. So, now I'm spoiled beyond anything, with the worst thing you can be spoiled with, in my opinion,....time. Time to do whatever you want, however you want, is so intoxicating. It really is. I guess that's what people work all their lives for. For that time. Now I hate to not have it. But again, I'm lucky I'll have a job, unlike alot of people right now. Maybe I'm just lucky,~ period.

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Sarah Elizabeth said...

I am just getting around to catching up and I've got to say...I love the new look! Very crisp and clean!

Also, this story is HILARIOUS! Thanks for the good laugh!