Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Life-how good it really is.

Now just to let ya'll know,...THIS LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE OUR KITCHEN,--- EXCEPT FOR THE BACKSPLASH-which we don't have yet,~AND WE HAVE A BREAKFAST BAR. JUST WANTED TO MAKE THAT CLEAR. But this picture could be our kitchen to the tee. You'll see when I finally post MY PICTURES.

The last few days have been hectic to say the least! I worked all day Sunday and afterwards went straight to my sister-in-laws for dinner and we all watched The Sopranos after dinner. (I fell asleep on her couch.) Monday I went and paid some bills, and went to the mall in Boca (to return my pants that I bought, but ended up not liking once I got home and tried them on again.) So at the mall, of course, I got sidetracked, and ran into someone I knew working at Bloomingdales, and we sat and she did my makeup, (she works for MAC,) and I had alotta fun. I went to go pay some more bills looking all made-up, and feeling pretty good about myself for the FIRST TIME IN A LONG TIME, when my husband called and asked me to get home ASAP, because the guys would be there to install the granite! I was SO EXCITED!!! So, I raced home, and got there and started to clean the makeshift things we were using for counter-space, and they arrived within 10 minutes after I got there. My husband came home about 45 minutes after I got home, and the granite came out ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! I can't post the pictures I took, because my camera cable is at our condo somewhere,---unawares. So hopefully in the next few days, I can get there and find it, and pictures will be posted. I promise. (Not that anyone really cares,....its only a countertop,---I know. Jeesh, how boring can I get?) On the flip side,......I work w/ a young girl who is only 23 yrs. old,-married,-and has a 2 yr. old,-and I just can't get how this girl manages her life. She isn't even old enough to know herself, let alone be married, and have a kid already. My heart hurts for her. She seems so buried in her life,...she fighting tooth and nail for EVERY little thing, and I'm so scared and feel sorry for her. I tried inviting her, when I went to the mall, I called her three times, left msgs. letting her know I would come pick her and the baby up, but to no avail. I missed her too,....she is so bubbly at work, and fun to be around,...she loves to laugh,....I just wanted her to get out and have some fun.(I ended up buying her a little Hello Kitty eye shadow compact from MAC for her. She just doesn't seem to have anything for herself.) I want to take her and hug her, and tell her everything will be okay, ---but I don't know if it will. From what she's been telling me, her husband had his brother move in, and now he's changed, and doesn't want to be w/ her anymore. I want her to be OK, and I just don't know if she will be,...and that scares me to death. That's what reminds me of how GREAT I have it. Believe me,~I say a prayer every day to thank god for everything in my life,-no matter how bad it seems. Like that saying; I once met a man with no shoes, than I met a man with no feet. Yeah, I have it more than great, and don't think I don't know it.

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merelyme said...

Umm, sorry...but I LOVE hearing about counter tops!

I can hardly wait to see the "real deal" but in the meantime...I never thought I could admire anyone's kitchen as much as my own.

The young gal? We all make our own decisions, but I think you might be a bright spot in her life (or a stalker)! Read the vibes and keep going as you are.