Sunday, March 8, 2009

Daddys girl

The last thing I do is go to the mall and go shopping after work like I did yesterday. I did find some nice stuff. I got a green polo shirt to wear on St. Patricks Day. (I do NOT want to get pinched by some gross person who takes it upon themselves to use it as an excuse to be touching inappropriately!) I also found a Jamey Johnson ballcap,(which you know I am HAPPY about!) I also found some nice pants at the Gap, and some cute headbands made out of wood. All in all, I didn't hurt myself too bad. I even went and bought my husbands favorite take-out chicken to bring home for dinner. So at least it turned out to be a good night. My husband was in a good mood, my kitty was in-and-out all night, and we watched the first season of 'Breaking Bad', which is leading up to tonight's big season premiere. (Right on time, 'cause our other favorite show -'Burn Notice'- just had it's season finale this past Thursday.) So we are all geared-up to watch tonight. What an incredible show it is. So now our family night will be Sunday nights instead of Thursdays. My husband, sister-in-law, and I get together, bring take-out, and watch our show every week together,...and we have such a great time! I always look foward to our night's together. It really makes me miss all my family get-togethers that my family use to have. I LOVE family stuff. Always have, always will. When my father was alive, and we lived in South Miami, they used to have the best X-mas parties. My parents traveled around the world more than once, and my father would bring back all this exotic liquor,.....(he loved to try new things.)He would bring them out at the end of night, and sit at our dining room table, and anyone left standing at 3 or 4 in the morning would sit and try all these liquors with him, and he would tell them stories of where they got this liquor or that liquor, and all the travels,etc. It was fun. I would sit quietly next to my dad and just watch and listen to everyone talking. He was such an interesting man. I wish everyday that he was still alive. I miss him terribly. He loved to cook, make homemade bread, go out and try new restaurants and meet new people, (and he gave my sister and I our sweet tooths! Anything chocolate would be devoured upon entering our home!!!) Beyond all that, they would throw some outrageous parties that people LOVED! I really miss that. (My husband is the exact opposite,....doesn't like to travel, hates going to a restaurante he's unfamiliar with, not very chatty with new people, etc.) It's like coming to a dead stop growing-up like that, and then in your adult life, doing a complete turnaround. I do feel like I miss out on alot, but I LOVE my husband to no end, and you gotta take the good with the bad,~right? Right. Compromise. That's what it's all about. That's what makes the world go 'round! At least thats what my father always said.

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merelyme said...

Sometimes they (boys) are good for us and we don't know why but there is this connection. It just works. Imagine how boring it would be if you guys liked exactly the same things.

Your kitchen looks BEAUTIFUL!