Friday, March 20, 2009

See a pattern here?

It's so funny, work someone brought up what their 'type' of guy was, know, the qualities and looks that they usually 'go for',......of course everyone basically said the same thing 'n stuff,.....UNTIL they got to me,.....and of course I said that I like someone who is confident, almost to the point of being cocky, NOT A JERK, but very confident, someone who can back that up, and someone who can take control of any situation, no matter what,......and looks-wise, I said, someone who 'looks mean,'.....I mean that is definitely my look. Someone a little dangerous. I love goatees on guys, usually dark short hair, blue eyes,....dangerous looking,...tatoos, scars,that sorta thing,...the more they look like that, the more attractive they are to me,.....I guess the singers, actors and atheletes that are my favorites should pretty much explain what I like. First of all there is Patrick Roy, the retired Canadian goalie from the Le Habitants,and the Avalanche,...very confident, can trash-talk with the best of them, AND can back it up,(he's got 4 Stanley Cups,...yep, and the winningest goalie of all time, yep, that was once my future husband.) He has the bluest eyes, the cutest Canadian accent, and he's one of few goalies who will drop the gloves,.......and back that up, is Howie Long, played his entire career for the Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders,...mean as they come when it came to football, earned the name 'Mighty-Whitey' in the NFL locker rooms, and was feared by alotta quarterbacks when he played.And don't forget, he went to Villanova, he's very intelligent as you can tell on Fox's NFL Sunday show. (Not to mention his looks are so beautiful it makes woman melt at his feet.) Next,.....Russell Crowe,-NO EXPLANATION NEEDED. Too hot. "Gladiator",....'nuff said. How about the late Ken Caminiti, gorgeous, so messed-up tho. What a physically beautiful man, and could play third base like no one's business. Who knows what he could've done if he had the chance,...he just never thought he was good enough. Our loss.For real. Then there is Toby Keith, and my Jamey Johnson,....big oak of a man Toby Keith is just plain in your face, says what he thinks, and is smart enough to back it up if confronted, not to mention, if he doesn't like something, he will fight it every step of the way. He doesn't take things lieing down,-thats for sure, and will show you wrong til the very end. And then now,my next man,........the divorced, drinking, womanizing,wildman, country singer who started to make it big, and partied too much, had one-too-many barfights,one-too-many women, and lost control,....lost everything;his wife, little girl, home, record contract, his life, and became a recluse, and came back to write one of this years best country albums. He is so gorgeous to me, I can't stand it. Jamey Johnson has a voice that can make you sigh, and writes lyrics that can make you cry at the drop of a hat, he hurts so much,...he's lost alot, and knows it. Very Sad, but he learned the hard way. He's finding his way back, one step at a time.Yep, those are who I think are the cats "ME-OW". And then some. MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE---OOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW.


merelyme said...

Your pattern is that you posted really great pictures really well?

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Oh yeah, I can definitely see the pattern!!