Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What is this world coming to?

What is this world coming to? Please tell me. I went to the store today, and some homeless man was two people in front of me, and this lady was (trying) to buy cigarettes,....and (supposedly) she didn't have enough money,....yup,......the homeless man gave her $2.00 so she could get them,....and of course I tried to give HIM the $2.00 back, because if you ask me,...he's the last person that needs to be giving anyone money,....poor thing (obviously) can't even take care of himself. I wanted to cry,....he was so sweet,.....he wouldn't even take my money, and then I tried to pay for his one item, and he wouldn't let me do that! I felt so bad,...that stupid girl shouldn't have taken his money,...how bad did she really need them, I ask you. Then he proceeded to tell me that he just got a jaywalking ticket when he was in the street selling newspapers. Are you fricking kidding me!!?? What the hell kinda asshole cop would give this guy, who very obviously is down on his luck, a jaywalking ticket? How does this guy go home and look at himself in the mirror everyday?! What a piece of garbage cop. It never ends with me hating them. (You really have no idea.) I know that they all aren't bad, but the majority of them suck, and from what I have seen,...and I've seen alot of stuff with them,...(from when I worked at the bar in Coconut Grove.) We had off-duty uniformed cops working every night, and they never ceased to amaze me with their stupidity. The things they tried to get away with and DID get away with makes me sick. (I know this for a fact,) because my husband had to work side-by-side with them, and I guess had some sort of comraderie with them,(much to my horror.) It caused ALOT of fights between us in the beginning of our relationship. To this day, there is one cop that I hear anything about, and my hateful side comes out. I really don't like being like that, but if you knew what I know about him, you'd be apalled, trust me. My husband actually had to side with them on a lawsuit that was brought against them, because of their hideous actions, and the owner of the bar we worked at told him to do whatever it took to make things right with them,(the cops.) So,.......anyways,...back to the poor homeless man,....I just wish somehow that cop could be paid back for giving a homeless man who sells newspapers in the street a jaywalking ticket,.....and I DON'T MEAN IN A GOOD WAY EITHER. Cops suck.


Little Ms Blogger said...

Wow. I can't believe how generous the homeless guy was. Wait. Let me strike that and say I can't believe how generous both of you are.

The smoker....I can't believe took the $$.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

What a nice guy. Maybe sometime when you are in the area you can look for him and if he is selling papers again you can buy one from him to indirectly pay him back for the good deed. You are sweet to think of him!

angelsroy33 said...

Thanks you guys,...I'm actually going to offer to pay for his ticket, AND get the name of the officer, and write a letter to the local newspaper. I mean, that cop couldn't find someone doing something REALLY WRONG that should've gotten a ticket?, other than this poor sweet man. It just makes me ill. Anyways,....I'll let ya'll know what happens.