Saturday, April 4, 2009


So,'s well past April Fool's Day, and I guess the joke's on me. My job is going well, my mom is doing better health-wise, and my husband is really trying,.....what's up? It's too good,......THAT'S what scares me. Next week is another court date for us, and I'm holding my breath. Will it stay good, or go oh-so-bad? Do I hope for the best, but expect the worst? Or do I just stay positive and not think any other way? Not be realistic? I'm kinda at a loss. I feel somewhat numb the closer the day gets. Makes you thankful for alot of little things in your life,.....or at least me it does. I watch so many people just going thru the motions,.......are they really ever thankful? I mean I'm thankful I have a decent job now,....and for a beautiful, kitty who is going thru his teenage years like a child right now,....and for being healthy, and for going to sleep at night next to my husband,and holding his hand as I fall asleep, in a home I love. I'm thankful for the cute little backyard we have that I think is my own little piece of paradise,-with the privacy palm trees, the pool, and beautiful tropical feel it has. I'm thankful for the very air I breathe sometimes,....I'm thankful for the almost empty house we live in, and worry about the stupid penthouse condo on the beach we can't bare to go back to, even just to pack it up. I want the rest of everything to fall by the wayside. Even people I used to know when I worked in the bar,......I can't bear to see or run into any of them. I'm just not the same person anymore, and I don't think I've come to terms with it,because I don't live that life anymore, or I'm not like them anymore. I don't know what makes some people tick, but I'm always curious. I'm thankful for my 2001 Lexus that I bought outright at the time, that still looks brand new-even if it is almost 10 yrs.old. I'm thankful for my sister-in-law who might as well be my sister, because she is a godsend. I'm thankful for going on walks in our neighborhood at night with my husband and kitty, and looking up at the moon, and breathing in fresh air, and seeing the beautifully lit cross of the church one block away. I'm oh-so-thankful for being able to talk to my mom and sister everyday. I'm so thankful for my next-door-neighbors who seem more like family than just friends, and for the other great neighbors who all came together years back when we had a horrible hurricane, and was without power,water, or food for almost two weeks, and we all gathered in the street every night to BBQ so we all would be able to eat. I'm thankful I had some great memories of my father and our family at very happy times together,-some people never know that in their lifetime. I have some of the best friends ever, best times, and some unbelievable, unforgetable, memories in my lifetime, that no one could ever imagine. I've been blessed to have met some very famous people and got to hangout with some, and have stored in my memory some great stories. U2, Matt Dillon, Mr.Brady (from the Brady Bunch,-I can't remember his name,-sorry,) Rod Stewart, Living Color,Marshall Tucker Band, Mike Ashely,-(bodybuilder,) Alex Rodriguez, Tom Berringer, Dan Marino,(NOT a nice man,) OJ Simpson,(yes,after the murder, and NO, I was NOT nice to him,) local sportscaster Joe Rose,(IGNORANT man,)my favorite athelete Patrick Roy,(very kind,nice, gracious man,-Xtremely CUTE too,) numerous wrestlers; Steve'Stone Cold' Austin, (awesome guy,-even hungout at our condo with us,) Undertaker,(nice),Mr. Perfect,(VERY NICE man,-he had dinner with us even!,) the Road Warriors, (my fave, and very nice,) and many,many others I can't even remember right now,.....but it's all great memories,.....lucky that I've been, and now sometimes I just wonder if this is all just some story I don't even really understand, I mean. It's something else sometimes, isn't it? Be thankful for every little thing, me,.......I know I am, and forever will be.

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merelyme said...

thankful going all around. we'll be having turkey our last hurrah.
the world is a better place when we can be thankful and have a positive outlook. good luck!