Sunday, April 26, 2009

Shoulds, and shouldn't's

Every morning I get up and put on CNN or CMT,(Country Music Television.) Big difference, huh? When is it news when people very obviously have to get their 5 minutes of fame? It's just so ridiculous. Young people feel so entitled,...and I don't understand what for. I mean, they all think they are going to 'be famous' for nothing. What? How? and Why? When I was a teenager all I wanted was a new pair of Levis, for my hair to be straight and frizz-free, and for everyone to like me. I was so horribly shy, I could barely walk into a classroom. I wanted to be invisible. I idolized my sister, and I loved animals. I would say that's pretty normal somewhat. Now-a-days teenagers are hell-on-wheels. It really amazes me how kids today grow-up. I wouldn't want to be a teenager for all the money in the world,---nor have to be raising one. I just hold my breath everytime I talk to my sister and my 15-year-old niece comes up. She is so good, but for how much longer, scares the living hell outta me. No lie,....I'm holding my breath. Teenage girls now-a-days are like little sex kittens practically. I mean have you seen high school girls? I NEVER looked like that in junior high or high school. Jeez! You have to worry about them in school, at home, on the computer, at the mall, at their friends house,.......I mean when does it end? I don't think I could handle it. (Obviously thats why I don't have kids.) I mean I honestly think I would be in the 'looney bin' if I had them. Nothing and no one would be good enough to be around them, teach them, or come near them. Yep,---thats how I would be. They would never leave my sight, they would be home schooled, and chained to my side. I'm ridiculous about my cat like that, imagine me with kids!?! I would be put in a insane asylum. I just can't handle the thoughts of 'what could happen',.......makes me crazy just thinking about it all. All the violence, all the horrible stuff that people do to each other just makes me scared, and mean. I've been thinking of volunteering again at some sorta animal place,.....but I'm afraid to get involved again,....I don't want to get MORE cynical about people than I already am. Last time I volunteered at a local No-kill cat shelter I was wreck. The stories and conditions these poor little kitties came in to the shelter just made me sick to my stomach, and put me over the edge w/ hating people. The horrible, horrible things that were done to cats horrified me to no end. I watch those ASPCA commercials and honest to god I cry everytime. I want to save every single one of those poor things. I really do. It's just so hard to get involved again. Should I or shouldn't I? I just don't know.


merelyme said...

I bet you are involved more than you know (trying or not)! You have a good heart...follow your gut.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I know what you mean about girls being so mean. My cousin is 7 and she is already complaining of mean girls. My heart breaks for her because I know how hard it will be if she isn't the 'queen' of the little girls. But at the same time, I don't want her to be the 'queen' because that will most likely mean she is mean to other girls.

As for the volunteering, I am in a similar position...I have never volunteered at a pet shelter before, but I have been considering it lately because I LOVE dogs.

PS That dog is TOO CUTE