Friday, April 24, 2009

Helping out where I can.

Wow, here I am again trying to help someone AGAIN. Remember when I wrote about the homeless guy w/ the jaywalking ticket? Well, I paid it today,....yep, the day before it was due, and just in time. Thank goodness. I'm so glad I did it. This poor guy is so scared to go to jail. Whether he's telling the truth or not,....I wanted to help him. I couldn't in good conscious not help him. I would've never been able to forgive myself. And as for the girl at work who has all the problems? Well,...I've been trying to help her too. (Not bad for someone who claims to 'hate' people,....and pick animals over people ANY DAY.) It's harsh I know, but it is the truth. I have to be honest, I spent half the afternoon, and most of the evening online collecting phone numbers, and locations for this poor girl to call and/or go to in case her husband decides he doesn't want her to live there again anymore. And as for their child,(can you imagine?,)......her husband gets up early to go to work and takes the child w/ him and drops him off somewhere that my co-worker/friend has no idea where, or with who it is. I think I would go ballistic on this guy. What a friggin' idiot he sounds like. (And yes, I KNOW there are two sides to every story,....)
......she can't leave and leave her child there, would be abandonement, wouldn't it? Legally? I don't know, but I got some phone numbers for her to call and hopefully get some sort of legal advice, and help. I hope she uses it. I told her I could only do so much and then it is up to her. So,........
....home life for my husband and I has been uneventful which to me, is great,-just how we like it. Nice and calm, and uneventful. (Some people may say 'boring' but thats just how we like it.) We've been watching playoff hockey,...which I LOVE. (Even tho my first picked team,-Montreal Canadians, are already out,) I'm still enjoying the games. Now I will just root for ANY Canadian team. The Cup needs to see Canada again.So,-we did go see the new Russell Crowe movie 'State of Play' and it was GREAT. (Just as I knew it would be.) I want to see it again even! (He is still SO THE MAN.) We'll see tho. My brother and his wife are coming down from Georgia in two weeks, and staying at my mom's condo for the last time. We will all get together and help move all the furniture out of there for her. It'll be fun even tho it is moving. Nothing else new. (How boring am I?) Still working like crazy, but getting used to it a little more. Got some more furniture,....a dining room table, a console table, three barstools,....we still have a bedroom set and a few other things that we will get in time. I kinda like the empty house look. Well, I will try to write more, I know I have been slacking-off, but I will post more. (I think I even saw that I have one follower, I promise I will post more. Yeaaaa. Thank you to whoever that is.) I'll write again very soon.

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Sarah Elizabeth said...

Good for you helping those people out!