Thursday, April 16, 2009

Should we all be worrying?

You ever wonder how people raise their kids when they are not a conventional family? I know I do. Yesterday I met a man who's wife is a stripper,(he told me so,) and his 16 yr.old daughter (who was beautiful,) didn't blink an eye. I mean nothing against strippers,.....I have ALOT of friends who are and/or were strippers at one time or another, but not when they have an impressionable, beautiful 16yr.old at home, and dad is telling people like he's proud! Am I being over-sensitive? I mean, what kind of message does that send to a teenager? They already have so much to deal with and contend with,....too much now-a-days I would say. (But what do I know.) It just scares me a little when dad is crowing about it to everyone and anyone. Who knows,....and he wasn't a nice-looking, together man either,....he looked like a homeless man,-poor thing,-he doesn't work, and I just don't get it. I don't know,...he's not young either. (Neither is his wife.) It just scares me for this young,impressionable girl. What kinda person will she grow-up to be? What kinda values? It really does scare me to no end. I have been thinking and thinking about it. I mean,-my mom worked full-time, went to night-school, took tennis lessons, and still cooked dinner every night for five kids,.....that's how I grew-up. I guess I could call myself EXTREMELY LUCKY,-right? I didn't even know what strippers were when I was 16. I didn't. Honest to God. I mean, I'm not as innocent as that sounds, but I'm not worldly either. I just know that I don't think that that situation is a healthy one for the teenager,........and it actually worries me. Should it?


Sarah Elizabeth said...

I guess we can't fix everyone. We can hope for others to lead as blessed life as us, but it just isn't realistic. You've just got to be the best person you can be and hope that it influences others...corny, but that's my take on it!

merelyme said...

I WISH I could be a stripper! ;) I hear they can dance pretty well.