Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Missing it all.

I have been doing nothing but working and sleeping, and eating when I can. You'd think I'd lose weight or something,....but nooooooo. Work has pretty much taken over my life it seems. I'm not sure how much of this is good or bad, but I think for the time, it's helping me,......I don't have time to think of what could and couldn't happen the next time we have to go to court,....or what happened to us last year,....or any of the other unpleasant memories, or worries that I normally would have. I'm too damn exhausted. The one day I had off last week we went furniture shopping ALL DAY,....found a couch that we might buy. Had some fun driving around too,......found some beautiful teak outdoor furniture for our patio at Ikea last night,(late after work.) I can't believe I'm still awake right now! And this week is a new Russell Crowe movie 'State of Play' coming out,....and it's usually a ritual for my husband and I to go see whatever Russell Crowe movie comes out on the first night. He usually gets tickets for the Muvico in Boca Raton, and we go to the Premiere theatre and get balcony seats, (loveseats with drink holders, and martinis/wine being served.) He knows how much I love going there, and we pretty much know that any R.Crowe movie will be worth it to see,....and I'm not sure we will be able to go this Friday,-I WON'T BE AWAKE,(OR I MIGHT FALL ASLEEP-GOD FORBID!) We have been doing this since 'Gladiator', I CAN'T MISS this one. It will break my heart,....really. (Kinda like I was when my picture didn't come out of Jamey Johnson and I from my Blackberry. I was, and still am, crying about it.) Anyways,....not that ya'll even care,....but my mom is about to sell her condo (on the ocean) that she has in Tavernier. It's kinda sad,....we've had it since my dad died, and she bought it and kept it for all us kids to be able to come and stay and visit her. She is finally selling it, and it feels a little scary. Like something is about to be over,....forever. We still can go see her,....my mom and her 'boyfriend' live together in a big beautiful house on the water,....so it's not like we have no place to go and stay to see her,.....but it's just weird,....that's all. I guess I should be happy that it's one less thing for my mom to have to worry about and the upkeep and all,-right? Tell me I'm right. Anyways,....it's always some uphevel in everyone's life, right? Yeah, well. So here's a picture taken from the condo balcony of the water. Nice farewell. I miss it already. (I know how spoiled I sound. Sorry,---I can't help it, but I'm sad.)


merelyme said...

You are right! Don't be sad. Change is hard. Sounds almost as if it is a good (?) thing that you are way busy with work to occupy your mind while all this crazy other stuff is going on around you. Good vibes at you.

Little Ms Blogger said...

Merelyme is right. Change is hard, but can lead to great things.

I hope you can do something other than work. Sounds like a good day and night of uninterrupted sleep would be the perfect cure.