Thursday, March 5, 2009

1st & 2nd pics are afters, 3rd is before!

I finally downloaded all my pictures from my camera,(found the cord here at the house, miraculously!) and my Blackberry. I'm really disappointed my Blackberry picture of Jamey Johnson and I came out so damn dark, you can't even tell who is in the picture. I wanna cry. Anyways, is good, and I'm still enjoying it,'s a good challenge,...and I like doing tedious work on computers, and dealing with the public, and all the other managerial stuff I gotta learn, that people dislike. It's really a breeze surprisingly. I thought since I've been out of work for three years, (taking care of my mom and husband,and myself,and kitty,) that I would have a much harder time assimilating. I surprised myself for the better,(for ONCE.) Yea me. Anyways, I will be posting the pics here of the countertop that (now) my husband is unhappy with. The night we got it installed, he thought it was 'perfect' and now, a few days later, he's picking it apart, and has found two things wrong. (It is so minute, you can't even see what he is talking about!) I want to pull the hair outta my head,...don't get my wrong,---I LOVE my husband to death, but right now, he is going thru a very rough time. NOTHING makes him happy. Trust me, NOTHING. I don't know what to do half the time w/ him. Anyways guys,'s some pictures,....tell me what ya think of the kitchen. (Don't forget it's still in the early stages,---I mean, we have a sink, but no water hooked-up in the kitchen yet.)

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