Monday, March 16, 2009

Breaking Bad on trainwrecks

Just finished watching "Breaking Bad", and that show just blows me away EVERY SINGLE episode,....I swear, I'm like a junkie on crack,~I can't get enough.(They say,-and I quote,-"the best feel-good-show about feeling bad".) When it's over, I just want more, and hang-on to every single word of the upcoming scenes. They give you just enough to jones all week, up until the next episode. I have to say tho, if you haven't watched it from the beginning, you might be a little lost,....but damn, that show just has me SO DAMN HOOKED. (I have such a soft-spot for the character Jesse. He's such a sweet, well-intentioned kid, who just can't catch a break, and choses every wrong path he can take.But he really means well.)Anyways, for those of you who don't watch it, I'm sorry for going on and on, but I really love the show. (In case you couldn't tell.) My other obsession as of late, has been going to the mall on my days off, and buying MAC make-up, and trying new looks when I go to work. Not the best way to go to work,-I know,-but I really loves putting on make-up all of a sudden. (Don't ask me,-I don't know.) I'm friends with this girl who works at MAC at Bloomingdales, so it's kinda an excuse to go walk around. Besides, my husband has been going thru, (I'll say, 'a stage',) right now. He hates that I work, and he hated when I didn't, so I don't know what to think,.....I just try to stay out of his way when he gets in his moods,(like tonight.) Sometimes I just don't know what to do,.....I try, but I know what it really is,...and I know there is nothing I can do about it. (Our pending legal problems,)...... eats him alive,...he just can't seem to give himself a break, and/or climb his way out of feeling sorry for himself, and nothing and no one can help him. Thats exactly how he feels. I mean, we all have problems,....especially right now. I mean it's extremely bad for ALOT of people right now. I know it, he knows it,....but he just seems to feel like it's him against the world most of the time.I mean it's REALLY BAD for alot of down-and-out people who can't pay their bills, etc. For instance, this young girl I work with is 23, has a 2yr.old baby,(he's so beautiful,) and a husband who just told her after 4 years, that he doesn't want to be with her anymore, and she is starting to not show-up for work, and she always wondered why it seemed like she couldn't get ahead. Well, I understand now,~when you just don't show-up to work for 2 days, and don't answer your phone(s), and wonder why you don't get promoted, there's a problem with your thinking. And this is NOT the first time either,....from what I gather, and from hearing people talk, she has done this about 4 times already, and the boss feels sorry for her, but you can give someone only so many chances before they are just done, right? I just want her to be okay, she's such a bright,sweet, young girl, and she has her whole life ahead of her. To be her age, and know what I know now would be such a gift. I know and understand that people have to have their own experiences, and make their own decisions,...but I wish she could just step back and see herself, and know how great a person she is. When I was her age, I did the same exact thing, (minus the baby and the marriage,) but I thought every single thing was the end of the world, but I NEVER lost a job over any of it, or even missed work,...that was always the constant in my life, and nothing and no one could make me change my mind on that. (Thank god, and my parents for instilling me with a great work ethic.) I just feel bad for her,...and the way it's looking, I don't even know if I will get to see her again. Sad,...
............I've called her over and over, and left numerous messages to just let me know she is OK, that's all, --- but nothing. I'll keep you posted. And I'm not stalking her, I just hate to see someone go down in life like she is. It's like watching a train wreck in slow motion, and there is nothing you can do to stop it, just know someone is going to get hurt.

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Little Ms Blogger said...

I got hooked on BB last season and couldn't wait for the season to start. It's really powerful which I find rare in a sea of "reality" tv shows.

I couldn't wait for Damages to start up again, but unlike BB, have been disappointed. I think there was just too much time between 1st and 2nd season.

I'm sorry about your husband feeling down. Just let him be, eventually (it make take a long time) he'll come out of it.

I hope your co-worker is okay.