Friday, March 13, 2009

Makes me sick

Had a fun day at work today,~surprisingly. For the most part at least. Until I saw something that really bothered me. I was on my way home from work, and I stopped at the store to pick-up some things, and this lady came in with a little dog in her purse,(and SO CUTE too.) Anyhow,...and she had her little girl with her. Kinda a bratty little girl,....(and I watched them, 'cause the dog was just TOO CUTE,and I was wishing the little guy was mine.) SOOOO~ummm,.......the little girl got mad at her mom and started tapping on her arm,-then her leg,....then her purse,(where the cute, little doggy was,) and she started hitting the lil dog,...and I started to get madder and madder,-and I kept my mouth shut for as long as I could. But as I watched that little girl start to bother and aggravate that poor,cute lil dog, my temperature boiled,...I had to say something. The poor,lil dog started to nip at the kid, and I walked-up to the woman, and told her not to let her little girl hit the dog, and that is why he will end up biting her pretty bad eventually, and then she'll end up thinking it's the poor lil dog's fault. She stood there and stared at me, not knowing what the heck to say, and as I stood there, the little girl started to smack on the dog to get her mother's attention AGAIN. She realized, and yelled at her, but how many other times has this happened, I thought? I actually followed her and got her tag number, thinking I should call someone about this. I know, I know,....I'm probably overreacting, but I wanted to take that sweet, cute little dog home with me, and just cuddle him to pieces. How many more times will it happen, 'cause the mom doesn't pay attention to her bratty little kid? I actually can't sleep right now just thinking about it. Shouldn't there be a class that every parent should take? and one of the levels should be what to NOT let your kid do to family pets. Don't tug on ears, put dirt on their heads, pull their tails, pinch their noses,etc. no matter how much they are "just playing". I mean I have seen on America's Funniest Videos some of the most appalling things little kids do to animals. It pisses me off to no end. And parents sit there and go, 'oh, look how cute little Joey is, playing with Snoopy', as he's sitting on his back, trying to play 'horsey'. Oh yeah, I'll get right on biting that little kids head off in a year or two,~that dog is thinking. I mean it really makes me sick to think about. (I could really make myself crazy thinking about this-REALLY.) I want EVERY parent to realize that animals don't act out for no reason,-believe me. Watch every little thing your kids do around animals, and eventually you'll see why your dog, cat, bird,(whatever it may be,) nips at your child, and then make sure they know NOT to do it anymore. Please, for the animals sake, for the kid's sake, just watch, and then teach. PLEASE.

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merelyme said...

Sounds to me it is the kid who needs saving. Yes, the dog too but why do you think the kid is a brat? IT'S THE ASSHOLE MOTHER!

Didn't know whose story I was reading today...all my internet people are good people! I hope I am never that A.M.

WV: aesses!!! :)