Monday, November 28, 2011

All about him

So I'm off today too, and my hubby has a doctor's appt. and we are going to try to do some work around the house. (He's getting more motivated, because he wants outta here as bad as I do. We are finally coming out of our haze from our legal hassles, and there is light at the end of the tunnel, and it's up to us as to how quick we can get there.) I'm also making another turkey dinner tonight, like I said,-we didn't get any leftovers from my sister when we went on Thursday, so I'm making our own Thanksgiving dinner tonight so we can have yummy leftovers all week. (Nothing wrong with that.) I've been putting some stuff on layaway at various places for my niece, and the two girls next door for X-mas, (my niece likes Dooney & Bourke, and the two girls next door like Coach,) so every time I see something on sale, I grab 'em. I still can't find anything for my hubby, he is just the hardest person to buy for, and sometimes he's just too practical. (What a picture I must paint of him on here, he looks the exact opposite of how I make him sound.) He's very conservative in his views and how to treat people, and he is very-for lack of a better word,-honorable, a fault even.Educated, well spoken, and very old-school Canadian. And if you saw him you'd see this big, muscleman,sleeve-tattooed man, with steel blue eyes, and a wicked dry sense of humor. He's MY knight in shining armor, believe me, there is no one better, smarter, or more handsome in my eyes! And that's how it should be,....anyways, I think the big mountain of a man just got up, so our day will start, gotta run, back soon.

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