Sunday, November 6, 2011

Likes and Dislikes I guess

Let's see,...I went to the drugstore yesterday before work, and I bought this nail polish that I saw on someones toes,(believe it or not,) and I bought it, and gave myself a pedicure today, and I have to say, I'm in love with this polish!!! I LOVE it. It's the Milani Jewel FX. This stuff is awesome, it's like jewelry on your feet, (or hands,-whichever.) It looks GREAT. All I wanna do is wear sandals to show them off. Really. What else? My husband just went to the casino, and I finally have some alone time, which I love and never get,(being that my husband doesn't work, so he is almost ALWAYS home.) The second he leaves, off goes the TV, and I love just sitting in the quiet. No noise, no distractions, it's wonderful. I write so much better too. (I do write other than here.) Plus, I think, Munky likes it better too,....she always goes in our bathroom and lays on the bath mat and I think because it's the most quiet room in the house. Sooooo,.....that's just my opinion tho.(It's like a cows opinion, it's a moo point. I love that from 'Friends'.) I'm just silly,-sorry. I sat online looking at homes for sale in Canada last night til all hours of the night. I think it'll best be said that we go there, rent a place, get a real estate agent, and look for what we want. Any other way wouldn't be smart, and I can't believe we even thought we could do that for a second! We came so close to buying this one home in Noel Shore, in Nova Scotia, it was BEAUTIFUL, but in the end we just couldn't do it, not without knowing anything from the area, jobs, -nothing. So we didn't buy it and I STILL think about that home and how gorgeous it would've been, but it was probably too big just for us two,(maybe even three if his sister ever decided to move in with us.) It was 3000 sq.ft. and it was on 5 acres on a cliff overlooking the ocean,......gorgeous, gorgeous home,.....but I hoped, we hoped, and it was not meant to be. I could have had so many animals there,....but it just means there will be another place than,-right? Right. That's what it means to me at least,.....I can't think of it any other way,......or it will make me crazy. It will. I have to think like that with so many things to keep my sanity now-a-days. I just have to,....I just know that I can't stop being negative and paranoid after what we have been thru, and moving away to where there are not alot of people (unlike South Florida,) I will be much better off. I need to be around animals,....they are the only things that make me happy all of the time. They are, they are so sweet, and honest, and just unconditional. When I think of the things that people do to them, and put them thru, it makes me sick, and sad that I am a human being,....we are so selfish, and greedy. Ya know what?, I just have to stop there. I have to go play with Munky and have some fun,...the good kind,-with my baby.

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