Sunday, November 6, 2011


So it's pretty late, and I've had a few drinks, which I don't really drink, AND,.......I'm watching 'The Town' AGAIN, AND, husband is making us french toast and turkey bacon, and I'm a happy little camper. (I have the next two days off from work, and I'm doing a jig!) I'm a happy little camper right now, I'm doing good. (If u could c the mistakes I'm making right now, u'd laugh. U'd think I was texting!) Still haven't gotten a new cellphone yet,........what the heck is wrong with me? I'm a lazy girl. I'm a lazy person. Really. Tomorrow they are having a food truck festival in my area,.....I'd like to go, and my hubby said he'd go with me, (my SIL said she'd go with me, but I'm not sure she will tomorrow.) I think it would be fun to go. I dunno'. Right now I want to stay up all night and have fun,....watching movies, and talking, and just having fun with my hubby. Munky is sitting outside right now, in our front door screened-in area, that she likes to sit in, and it's so cool out right now, we have our front door wide open, and it's in the low 60's. (It could be a little cooler, but I'll take it.) I soooooo love this movie. So many things you have to really understand and read into to understand. (It just hits home in so many ways.) My hubby and I have been talking so much about Canada,....I can't wait til we go. I just can't wait.
In hindsight we are all 20/20, don't forget that, every way,....we are all 20/20 in HINDSIGHT.

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