Saturday, November 5, 2011

Finally some nice weather down here

So what are the odds? This past week we have had the worst luck with our checks being received or 'got'. (As in bills being paid.) Two different checks in the same week were not received and the result was our Cable/Internet being interrupted, and our maintenance payment getting a late fee added at our condo. Wonderful. I'm telling you, we'd have no luck at all if it weren't for bad luck. Jeesh. (Gawd,-U-Verse is a real pain in the ass, let me tell ya. Never again.) This month I'm getting a new cellphone, and I think I'm going to get the new IPhone. I'm thinking about it at least, but still not sure. Everyone has been telling me that the Samsung smartphone is better, so I will check 'em all out,....who knows,....see whats best for me. I've been so good lately, shopping at all. Okay,-maybe a tiny bit. Altho I did go to a certain store, and put some gorgeous shoeS on layaway, I guess I have shopped a little which is waaayyy too little for me,-I'm jones-ing. I want a real shopping trip, with lunch and everything. And I never went with my friend today before work for lunch and shopping,.....she went tanning instead, and I ended up sleeping until I had to go to work (at 3pm), so I accomplished nothing before work. (Welcome to my world.) Tomorrow I'm going to try to do some cardio before work, and than I have Sunday and Monday off, yay me! What else?.......a chocolate festival is coming to Palm Beach next weekend, I think I'm going to try to drag my husband there,...if I can, and maybe even the Palm Beach Zoo, ( which I would LOVE.) If the weather stays cool like it is now, which would be absolutely PERFECT. It's so beautiful out right now,...the upper 50's, and breezy and clear, couldn't be any MORE perfect to me. Everyone's been complaining about it being cold, and I think it's perfect,....I LOVE this weather,....South Floridians are MORONS. I've never seen such idiotic, stupid people in my life, (and I'm from down here,)....hey, they voted in Rick Scott, what do you think? Need I say more. Just move him next to George Bush and you have the blind (and stupid) leading the blind (and stupid.)

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