Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bay of Fundy in Canada

Been keeping busy with work, and looking online for properties for sale in Canada. The day we leave this stinking area I will jump for joy. I've found some stunning waterfront homes with lotsa land,....gorgeous places, but what do you do for work? I mean,....I think I could find a job just about anywhere really,....but it is better to have more options than less,-right? But planning anything with my husband is like pulling teeth,...he can't even plan something an hour from now,'s very frustrating, but I've been living with it for years, so I can't really complain, we make do, -or I do at least. (My mom is the type that plans trips for two years from now and will have every minute detail figured out, yeah, it is kinda hard with my hubby.) I just want to blink, and be moved, and settled, and make some friends,...get our life going again. I feel like we are waiting for our life to start,....and this now is just us bidding our time until we get outta here. (Shouldn't be like that I know,....since my father, and both my in-laws have passed, you'd think my husband woulda learned that time is of the essence, but how soon they forget. Not me,....I'd do something everyday to make me happy,...whether it be with Munky and Sugar, my hubby, my mom,....writing here, I gotta do something just for me every single day, than I know my time isn't wasted.) Soooo~ took yesterday and today off from work, just needed some time with my hubby. Got some much needed errands accomplished today, at least we can cross some stuff off. And I can't believe Thanksgiving is a week from today, favorite holiday,...that I wait for allllll year long,'s going to go by too quick. I know it. We are driving to Fort Pierce to my sisters home and my mom and both brothers will be there, it will be the first time in over 10 years we will all be together for Thanksgiving. So nice. My SIL is even coming-which I am very happy and excited about. I'm gonna try to take lotsa pictures,...maybe I'll even post some and you can see my sister's gorgeous home on the ocean. GORGEOUS. I almost had my husband talked into buying a house in the same neighborhood, but it was across the street from the ocean, with a home in between, and my husband just wouldn't do it, no matter how gorgeous the home and neighborhood was. (I was very sad tho. There might have even been a temper tantrum involved, -SORRY.I know- I'm a total brat sometimes.) I'm making a homemade bourbon pecan pie, and bringing a butterscotch rum cake from my friend's rum cake company that I've been helping promote. I've never had such a great rum cake in all my life, is to die for!!! Anyways, so that's all the news with me. (And yes,-I'm still taking care of my little duck family at work, and they are ALL accounted for and fine.) I'll check back with ya'll tomorrow. See ya.


Little Ms Blogger said...

Happy Belated Thanksgiving! I've been a little out-of-touch with bloggers and wondered if you had made the move to Canada yet. Looks like you're still in the works, and have to ask if it'll be hard for you to move from the warm weather state?

angelsroy33 said...

Ummm,...I don't know, I've never lived anywhere else in my life,-only South Florida,-so I am excited to move and see what a 'cold winter' is like. I dunno',I'm excited, and apprehensive at the same time. I just want to get there, move and be settled in, and then I'll be a little more stable,...I think. Who knows! I'm just really looking forward to looking at properties and homes there. I love that,(maybe I should have been a real estate agent like my hubby thinks.) That will be one part of the process I'm really looking forward to. So I guess I'll tell ya after I spent a winter in Canada if all is well. :)