Sunday, December 4, 2011

Football Sunday

Getting ready to watch the Dolphins-Raider game. (GO Raiders!) Tomorrow we are planning on doing some work to our condo,(putting in new carpet,) and my husband started putting in new screens here at the house.(We'll be putting a for sale sign up sooner and sooner!) Also this week my husband will be having a cancer spot removed from his back. It's really pretty big, but supposedly it's pretty contained we are told and there will be no need for anything further. I've been pretty hesitant to even talk about it, as you say cancer, and I immediately start to shake and cry. My father, my nana, both in-laws, and my husband's sister all gone. So, obviously I hear the big C, and don't react well. So I'm very hesitant to talk about it, (I haven't even told my family, only his sister knows about it,) and that's all I'm gonna say. So I'm off to cook some breakfast for us, and watch some football. I'll write more later probably. GO OAKLAND!

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