Saturday, December 17, 2011

Should've stayed home all day

Okay,-so this is how my day went yesterday,....(and it just goes to show I shouldn't leave the house,) husband calls me and asks me to meet him at Sam's Club,(we both had some errands to run, and I left before he did, so we took two cars,....I'm impatient, what can I tell ya,...)......soooo,...I meet my husband at Sam's Club, and he gave me an early X-mas present,....he got me an Iphone, and I was so excited I was like a kid on X-mas!!! All the stuff it does,...and the gadgets, apps, etc. It's GREAT,...make a long story short,...not even three hours later at home, the Iphone slides off the counter and falls face down and cracks the whole screen. NOT EVEN THREE FREAKIN' HOURS. Is that a record or something? I mean,...I can't be left alone with anything. I'm my husband's bad little cousin who broke all his toys. My Gawd. Needless to say, I cried my eyes out, and now I'm out a phone for the next few days. I'm just sooooooo mad at myself. I watched it fall as if it was in slow motion. I couldn't believe it. I stood there for like 15 seconds in disbelief telling myself that that really didn't just happen,....but it did. I went to bed soon after that, and had bad dreams all night about my alarm not going off, and not making it into work because I had no cellphone. Weird how your mind works. This is the first time I've had no cellphone since they came out. No. Cell. Phone. I feel unsafe. I really do. I know it's only for a few days, and I work literally 1 minute from home, but still. Unsafe. Yeah,....I'm going to stick with buying Munky and Sugar stuff for X-mas,...that will be safe.

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