Saturday, December 10, 2011

Just stuff

Okay, so the last time I was here, I was gettin' ready to watch some football, to which the Raiders lost horribly. (NOT happy.) Still had a great day that day. Yesterday I had off, and I went shopping at Sawgrass Mills Mall. It's soooo big that I didn't get to more than half of it. I planned on shopping for my niece, mom, hubby, and SIL. Instead I bought two pairs of shoes and a gorgeous turquoise and sterling necklace from the David Yurman outlet. Yup. I'm horrible. I did get two little cellphone holders from the Coach outlet for the two girls next door for X-mas. So I'm pretty good now with getting X-mas stuff for the exception of my hubby.(The hardest person in the world to buy for.) I spent the day there at the mall,....and I don't think I'd go back til after X-mas. I love how X-mas season officially starts literally the day after Halloween. (Enough to make anyone crazy by the time December finally rolls around, and you wanna scream with hearing the music come Dec.25th!!!) Nothing else really going on, doctor appt. was cancelled at the last minute, so I have to wait for my blood test results two more weeks, and my hubby's surgery was cancelled due to his high blood pressure which is more of a result from stress about this surgery than him actually having high blood pressure. Sucks. Limbo again. So,...having fun with the kittehs and their antics. When the weather gets cool, for some reason the cats get frisky-er. They wanna run and play, and run some more, which is adorable. Munky and Sugar are just so cute together when they play it kills me.(I have no idea if we will be able to take Sugar with us when we move,...he is so adjusted to this area, but I will cry my eyes out, and forever worry about him if we don't. We will just have to see.) So again, that's all the boring stuff going on here in our little lives. Can't wait for Jan. 1st. Just want X-mas thing over with,...BAH-HUMBUG.

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