Friday, December 16, 2011

Just tired from working but I LOVE her

It's been almost a week since I've posted, and work is kicking my butt. I have today off but that's it. I am soooo tired, and I'm going to just lay low with my hubby and the kittehs. Maybe I'll actually put some X-mas decorations up. (Bah-Humbug.) We'll see how lazy I am. I might put some stuff on eBay to sell,....I have the bug again to start eBaying. (I become obsessed with eBay and the stuff I find on there. It's a very slippery slope!) I wish I was more exciting and had something major planned, or that I could tell. Nothing. (Really, boring am I?) Let's see, 'bout a 'wish list' if someone could pick anything they want for the holidays? Okay,'s what I'd wish for:
*For all animals to have a healthy happy life, - that's first and foremost to me.
*For people to get jobs that they need,
Now for the real stuff!
*A Loree Rodkin shopping spree,
*One of those $$$ custom-made cat trees for Munky and Sugar,
*A mid-century modern complete bedroom set,
*An endless supply of Pureology hair products,
*A computer tablet,which I am going to get very soon,...
.........and that's it really. (OK, I AM really boring right now,'s just 'cause I'm tired.)
I'm going to go eBay now, and hawk some more stuff. I'll be back when I'm interesting!

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