Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy belated Holidays

Post Merry Christmas,(or Happy Hanukkah.) Hope everyone had a great holiday. All's well with us here. Believe it or not it was like Thanksgiving all over again, and that was GREAT. Perfect for us. No pressure, no surprises,....just good food, laughing, and spending time together with my SIL. Perfect. All my drama with my cellphone is over, and it's working perfect and I love it. I really understand how people become addicted to these darn phones. I find something new on it everyday,-it's fun. Nothing planned for New Year's Eve,(I call it amateur night,) and I refuse to go anywhere, or drive at all, (unless I'm working, -which I am, until 11pm.) Soooo~New Year's day we are driving to my mom's, and staying overnight, it will be the first time my hubby will see her new condo, and she's very excited. I can' t wait to see her, and spend some time with her and my brother, sister, niece, and cousins who will all be there. I so LOVE family time, and the older I get, the more important it is to me. Too bad we will be moving so far away eventually, time will be even less, and that part I'm NOT looking forward to. I will have to make our own time together than even more special when we are up in Canada. We spent yesterday,(my hubby's birthday,) at our beach condo with painters, contractors, and real estate agents, trying to figure out how to make the most of it, to get it ready to put it up for sale. Not what I planned really, but we had to do it, and it got done,- and plans have been made, which is a very big step for us to all agree on, so in reality, a lot got done. A L O T. Kind of a big relief even. We spent hours into the night even, packing up what we did have left there, and bringing it all to the house here. (Munky was NOT happy. Poor little thing hid in our bedroom for hours no matter how I tried to coax her out.) All the new boxes became too much and she finally came out and had to investigate. So cute. She goes thru her little emotions, first she's scared, then curiosity gets the better of her, and she smells everything, than she will actually climb on stuff, and really get into it,-she's very cute the way she goes about it. New spots to explore, sleep and hide. (Just the thought of actually traveling with her up to Canada scares the ba-jesus outta me. She is too high-strung, and I'm scared I might have to give her something to keep her calm, and I HATE that. I can't think of that now and make myself sick over it, I have too many other things to do that to myself right now.) Any-who, that's the round up of all the news here,...nothing new or exciting,....just life. My boring life,.....that I love,....with my hubby, and kittehs,....yup,.......nothing new, just like I like it.

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