Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hate the holidays, and thank god they are over

Happy (late) New Year. Started off uneventful, (just how I like,) but didn't stay that way. On New Year's Day we drove to Fort Pierce, to my sister's, and had a big turkey dinner, my brother, cousins, sister and brother-in-law, niece were all there. Had a nice relaxing, fun time. Everyone talking, laughing, taking pictures, picking at food, cleaning the kitchen, etc. At about 8:30pm, my mom decides she wants to go, she's getting too tired, so she's ready,(and believe me, when she's like that, there is no stopping her.) My sister's house is on stilts, and the front door has a porch outside, and some very steep stairs. Well, my mother gets ready to go, with all of us scrambling to walk her out,....and she starts down the stairs,...and well, you can guess. She got to the bottom last three stairs, and thought she was all the way down, and took a tumble. She hit grass, but she was in agony from her back, we had to call 911, and she went to the hospital, and that's how we all spent the rest of the three days we were there. With her in the hospital.(She fractured a vertebrae.) Happy New Year,...............yeah, - whatever. I hate the holidays. Hate 'em. Hope everyone else had a happy, fun, SAFE, New Year.

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