Thursday, January 19, 2012

Okay-so I'm blogging from my new IPhone 4 now. (Just trying it out.) I don't like to peck-type, and I didn't teach myself to type to peck at keys like this. Anyways-work is still kicking my butt big-time. Catching up still from the holidays. Things are still moving along with our condo on the beach. Tomorrow the new carpet will be put in and it's already been totally painted, so a lot going on there. And a lotta stress. At one point we had painters,carpet people, and a real estate agent there all waiting for us at once. Too much stress. (For us at least.) We usually don't get that much done in six months let alone one day. Okay. Enough is enough, and we are so close to actually getting it done and I'm soooo excited. It's a big step for us. FINALLY getting this done. And THEN we get the house started! Can't wait,can't wait, can't wait! (Did I say I can't wait?!!) Also I'm still shopping eBay and getting AWESOME DEALS. I just got a Kenneth Cole No Slouch bag for only $51!!! And today someone actually got a Michael Kors Skorpios bag for $199! (That's just sic. It's an $800 bag for Gods sake.) So yeah, the deals are there if you have the time, money, and patience. (Trust me, it pays off.) I know I sound like a broken record, but the deals are there to be had. Wish I had more money, ( I would've bid on that MK bag.) that will be my next deal I tell ya. It will be. So I'm off to 'wash that gray right outta my hair!' (I'm too lazy to go to a salon right now. I even got frustrated last night and just chopped off about three inches of hair and you can't even tell I cut it!!!) Oh well. Saturday is our 22 year anniversary from our first date and we've been together ever since, so I wanna look nice, hence the hair coloring, so off I go!

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