Sunday, January 29, 2012

Heavy sigh

Yesterday was the day from hell. I went to work all fine and dandy, and went to get something to eat like I always do,(a McDonalds salad,) and I got there and there was a drive-thru line around the building. Then-I go in and order, and come out, get in my car and realize my gas light is on, so I need to get gas, on the way back to work, I checked my food as I pull in to get gas, and my food was totally wrong, so I got mad and instead of going back I got pissed and threw it out while I was getting gas. Then - this asshole on the other side of the pump was getting gas too, and he was,(what else?) on his cellphone oblivious to the world around him. He comes across the island WITH THE GAS STILL PUMPING OUT OF THE HOSE, and STILL talking on his damn cellphone and goes to throw something out (the garbage can was on my side,) and he poured gas down one of my legs, into my sock, and all over my sneaker! I was livid. I yelled at him that he was an asshole, and maybe if he wasn't on his damn cellphone and use his brain just a little bit,.....he wouldn't put other people in danger!!! He's lucky I didn't TAKE his cellphone and throw it across the street. I'm not kidding either. FUR-I-OUS. THEN- I get back to work, and my (good) eyeglasses fall off my head, and break. By the time I got back INTO work, I was in tears, and asked everyone if they minded if I went home early,....(they didn't,) and I cleaned up my area, finished what I was doing before I left, and went home early. And that was that. Yesterday couldn't be over quick enough. (Thank goodness no one was hurt,...especially that idiot at the gas station.) So yeah,.....I'm glad it's over.

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