Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Can't give it away

Today I'm taking a couple of people to go look at the furniture that's in our beach condo, because, -believe it or not, -you can't give away free furniture apparently. I have called everyone and every place under the sun, (and in the phone book,) and NO ONE but NO ONE wants good, used, furniture if; A-it's in a high-rise, B-they don't know what it is, C-they need pictures and lists, etc. Forget that! I finally found a place that will pick it up sight unseen, and empty the entire contents of the condo, but it's not until Jan.31st. It's beautiful free furniture,....someone could make some money off of it, but we just need it out of the condo so we can put it up for sale and show it. I mean, we have no kids, and no pets were there,...so believe me the furniture is beautiful. I never realized how hard it was to give it away. Geesh. I mean really, what a pain in the ass. It's free, just come pick it up. Damn. So yeah, that's going to be my day, having these people follow me, come look at it, and take it hopefully all. Other than that, no plans, just relaxing,....eBaying, and playing with the kittehs. We'll be so happy when we finally do sell that place,.....and we just found out that we have an extra beach locker there, and can you believe?! People are buying beach lockers in our building for $1000!!!! Holy mackerel! That's crazy. So that basically will pay for the new carpet we just put in. Can't wait to get out of here. Every little step we get closer, I realize how much this place hurts us, and how much it holds us down. It's depressing. (You have no idea.) And some pretty hard decisions will have to be made concerning Sugar, but I can't think about that yet. My little baby. Okay, I have to go do cardio, so I'm off.

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