Thursday, July 7, 2011

Why are we threatening the wrong people?

Had our 'grand-reopening' last night at work, and we had over 200 people show up for our little place!!! Great turn-out. I was so tired tho when I got home, and even today I still felt like I got run over and backed-over again. Just tired. I guess that's all part of depression. I still haven't gone back to the dr. yet, but I sure plan on it. I have to,'s the only thing that I think I will make some progress with, 'cause I sure haven't NOT going to a dr., why not? I have to try to be sensible and honest WITH MYSELF, and that's the only logical solution I can figure out. And eventually changing jobs,....I have had enough of working and seeing liquor when I don't even drink. Who cares?! It's NOT something I'm interested in, or care about. So yeah,...I wanna do something that I'll be excited to go to work for,.....or even animals,...working with them somehow. I just don't know. My head is so far from being right, right now, that I don't think if I did make a decision it would make me happy or be right in any way. (Maybe I'm wrong to think that way, or I'm putting myself in the wrong right off the bat, but I wanna be sure I make the right decisions,-especially about a job, even if it is just in retail or whatever it may be.) Anyways, I work tomorrow and than I get a paid week off, and another one in Sept. and another in October or Jan. whichever I want. So I'm happy right now,...really looking forward to these days off,-besides,'s my b-day on Sunday and I wanna have NO CARES, especially worrying about work, or probation, or anything at all,....NO RESPONSIBILITIES,-I like it,(even if it is only for a week.) Yay me. What to do, what to do. I think we'll just have a nice dinner somewhere and maybe go to a movie,...that makes me happy,...(hey,-I'm easy,-I don't ask for much really,...and whatever I do want, I,ME, will buy it myself. Trust me. Altho my husband has MORE than spoiled me with gifts,.....) Anyways,~still watching all this ridiculous Casey Anthony stuff. I understand people are outraged at the verdict, and I understand they want justice for Caylee, but we WEREN'T there, we didn't hear all the evidence, all the testimonies, see all the gruesome stuff they had to, and just like juror #3 said, 'we are judging someone's life and if you aren't 100% sure that they did it, could you live with yourself putting someone to death you think MIGHT'VE killed their child?' Could you really? I know I couldn't , way, and I have to say, as much as I dislike that girl(Casey Anthony) and her smug little looks she gives, I couldn't have put her away for life OR given her the death penalty if I weren't POSITIVELY SURE. How don't people get that? Now the jurors are getting death threats? Really? How stupid can we be? HOW STUPID? Because that IS. Threaten C.A. if you want, but NOT the jurors,....please people, be somewhat smart, would ya? Don't embarrass everyone with your ignorance and quick tempers. I swear sometimes I'm not proud to be a part of this world. People never cease to amaze me at how ignorant and uncaring, we can really be. We don't think things thru. It just makes me hang my head in total shame. Think about it.

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