Saturday, July 23, 2011

Unlucky I guess

Now this is why I don't want to live in South FL. I will put this in a nutshell as simple as possible. Last night someone went to buy some soda and beer at a corner gas station/quick mart kinda store, and got some sorta BIG MACHINE GUN put in their face. Come to find out, they walked smack into the middle of a FED/DEA sting where this store/gas station was actually selling coke and weed to customers! Yes, you heard me right. How's that for being an entrepreneur?! It's always something,....I just have a hard time thinking how that person(s) got to that choice, and in their mind thought that it was a good idea. I mean, REALLY? Really? I shouldn't be shocked, or surprised, but I am. Things like this continually surprise me and they shouldn't at all. My husband always asks me why I'm so shocked? Nothing surprises him, or fazes him, like it does me. He's seen and heard it all, believe me. I guess that's why we balance out. I get a little panicky in emergencies, and he stays calm, cool, and collected. I've seen him not blink in eye in the worst of situations, and I wish I was like that, but I'm just not no matter how hard I try. The last bad hurricane we had here, we stayed up all night, fell asleep about 7am, and it hit, I woke up all panicky and scared, ran to all the windows looking outside, and woke up my husband, and he started calmly checking the house, and well I fell asleep again, I guess, knowing now that he was up and checking things that we would be safe, and boy, I slept good then. (We still laugh about it.) I always tell him he's my knight in shining armor, my hero, always has been, always will be. So it was a strange night last night hearing that story,......goes to show(myself) that we aren't the only ones with horrible luck. It's like that saying that I always try to remind myself that we ARE lucky in ALOT of ways: your unlucky because you have no shoes, until you see someone with no feet. You get it, and I'm trying to still.

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