Tuesday, July 12, 2011

GREAT gift, BADDDD day

Horrible, horrible day today. I won't get into it, - I sound like a broken record, but it was just awful,.....even if I don't have to be back to work til this Friday. Jeez. Soooo~ what do you think I did for a couple of hours to make myself feel better and calm down? (Yes, I said 'to calm down',....it was THAT kinda day.) I WENT SHOPPING. Yup. Found some pretty cool layered(?) skirts from Allsaints at our local TJMaxx believe it or not!!! What a deal. I bought one in black and one in a pinky-beige color.. Allsaints. How in the world do THEY get this stuff? The same TJMaxx where I found a Gucci crossbody bag for $400 six months ago!!! (Bought that too.) I love that look of a ruffled,layered above-the-knee skirt with a long fitted cardigan with the ruffle-y part peeking out the bottom, and some nice wedges. LOVE that look, so that's what the two (hopeful) outfits will be. Then I'm showing ya the said bracelet I got for my b-day from my hubby,....and I also got some nice cherry wood trays to put on our Lane cedar chest once we bring it over from our condo there that we can't decide what to do with. I was even looking on Craigslist last night for a nice bedroom set, but can't seem to find one appropriately priced. I mean there is some gorgeous stuff, but if you think I'm going to spend $1000 on a USED bedroom set, you got another thing coming. No way. I mean if it was EXACTLY what I wanted, I probably would, but if it's not a midcentury modern dark cherrywood, hopefully made by Lane or someone/thing of that nature, and included TWO nightstands, TWO dressers, and a matching headboard, then I'm out of the game. Totally. I found that exact thing about two years ago on there for $400, and someone called a half an hour before I did and snatched it up. Gorgeous set. I still think of it longingly. The lady told me her mother had bought it new in South Carolina in the early 6o's and she was the only owner. Can you believe it?! I swear I walked around in a daze for a week thinking what coulda been with that. She even told me she had JUST POSTED it, (-it hadn't even been on there but for two hours,...figures,....story of my life.)

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