Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I just want my old life back

Just heard from an old friend via Facebook. THAT'S what FB is all about, not all this other crap that people post, not the bullying, not the name-calling, and mean ways that people use it,...just to keep in touch with people you haven't heard from in a long time, that you're happy hearing from. THAT is what it's about, and I keep in touch with my nieces, and nephews, and cousins who I wouldn't ordinarily be able to keep in contact with their day-to-day experiences, and be part of their life. I like it, but only for that reason. I don't want to hear about every meal, every conversation, every time you have a thought, just the main things, like someone's birthday, first time they bought a car, etc. OK,-you get the picture. SOOOO~ nothing new yet on the legal front, but I'm sure the start of the end will start this week.(Ya like that?) Nothing else really,....no eBay postings, buying, or even looking today. I've been too busy watching the Casey Anthony trial reports, and then the verdict coming out. I was very surprised,....very, but I'm still teetering in my mind if SHE really did it. Just don't know for sure, but it doesn't affect me either way,....so-oh well. Off from work today and next week I have a four day weekend that I'm looking forward to. (My 40-something b-day,-big whopee.) ****that was sarcasm*** My husband is taking a nap right now and the house is nice and quiet, Munky is all curled up with my husband,(so cute,) and it looks like it's going to storm out. My FAVORITE kinda day,....I love when it's like this. My perfect day off. Every day was a perfect day when I didn't work, I loved it. I cooked a nice dinner EVERY NIGHT,sat outside every day with Sugar, and went to the gym every morning and lifted weights. I miss those days. That was before we had our legal fiasco happen. Life seemed so happy then, and it was only 4 yrs. ago. I just don't know how to get back there from here. All the eBaying and Etsying won't bring me back to how I was,....like I said, I have alot of work to do to find myself, and get right again. ALOT. Thanks you as%h*l# creeps who wrecked our home, scared our kitteh, and changed our lives forever. There is no love lost with the cops,DEA, and ATF here. Trust me on that. I just want out of this neighborhood, and out of South FL. I hate it and Them. Oh,...and happy 4th. Bah-humbug-I hate fireworks.

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