Monday, May 2, 2011

A much overdo THANK YOU

Went to bed last night non-believing. I was in awe of everything Obama did without anyone knowing. Not a peep. And I'm thankful for this man, and what he's made of. You may not agree, but I voted for him, I believe in him, and I'm thankful for him. I don't like to talk politics ever,...but people need to realize he accomplished something miraculous, much-needed, and something that (asshole) Bush couldn't do in the entire time he was in office,...AGAIN, I know you might not agree, or like how I feel, but you have to admit, Obama did it with dignity, he took a chance, and got it done knowing it could go all wrong, and make him look worse to everyone who has never liked him or have turned their back on him. (You know he is STILL undoing all that Bush has done in the previous eight years he filled his bank account, and powered up his family name.) So, yes he can, and yes he did, and yes, I'm still behind Obama 200%. Always have been from day one, and always will be. Sure,-he's made mistakes, sure, he will again. (Name me ONE president who hasn't. Try.) So please remember this day. Trust me,...Obama IS a good man in a bad spot. Even now. Even still. Presidents are always in bad spots. Just like that saying; all good men aren't good, and all bad men aren't bad. Think about that. Trust me it's true. I know firsthand. And I know better.

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